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This isn't the kiddie pool; this is serious PPC income for dedicated webmeisters, a program similar to Adsense and Chitika. Mainstream websites with good content fit well into their affiliate program. You can control what eCPM (cost per thousand impressions, or revenue per thousand impressions) you will accept, and you have the ability to redirect to other sources of paying ads. You can pick and choose campaigns or advertisers for your sites to get the best results, most clicks and highest revenue per thousand impressions.

You may also apply to be a lead generation publisher, instead of PPC, if you wish.

Rules for ValueClick:
1. no adult content, or links to same
2. no banner rotation
3. no excessive amount of advertising
4. no sites which are mostly forums. Sites are also prohibited which allow user-generated updating without regulation, including forums, chat rooms, discussion boards. Sites with forums etc must be submitted for approval which will be done on a case-by-case basis.
5. no spyware, or spam, viruses, pirating
6. no incentivized clicks
7. no sites under construction
8. no sites that generate fewer than 3000 page views per month
9. all pages must be in English
10. Must have a privacy policy
11. All ValueClick banners, whether skyscraper or wide type, must be placed within 600 pixels of the top of the page. This is above the fold or pagescroll.
12. ValueClick ads will appear only on pages they have approved for the program
13. Special restrictions concerning pop ups and popunders.
14. No ads will be placed near statements like "Click here" or "Visit our sponsor"
15. No ValueClick ads in emails
16. No personal web pages accepted.

Summary:Major PPC income is possible with ValueClick Media affiliate program; only content-rich sites accepted. You can opt for lead generation or PPC and pick your advertisers and campaigns for the best results.
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