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Description: is one of the big affiliate networks that seems to have a good reputation, as mentioned on affiliate forums and other affiliate sites. MIVA is owned by and has over 10 years' experience. Their site mentions that they offer XML feeds, or custom implementation if XML affiliate feeds don't work for you. THey have 1000s of advertisers, and can monetize many kinds of traffic.

You can have them display ads based on the content of the page, or use banner ads, mouse-overs, or keyword text links within the page. The problem is, their site didn't tell me any of that. We recommend confirming details for yourself, by calling the phone number provided or emailing them, or ideally, both.

Our questions would include:

Exactly what forms of monetization do you use with sites? In-text ads like Bing? Do you offer straight PPC income, and for what kinds of ads? Do you offer text ads like Google, and are these PPC, PPS or both? Do you have banner advertising? Is this, too, paid as PPL, PPC or pay per sale? Is there a cookie of any length for later sales from that customer?

What do your domain parking pages look like?

... And then you'd need prices offered by different ads, and specific numbers and keywords, etc. Those would depend upon who their stable of advertisers are.

Anyway, they are a big affiliate network to check out to monetize your traffic by PPC, pay per sale, PPL. Ask to see their work on example sites.

Summary:MIVA is a leading affiliate network that offers website owners the chance to monetize your traffic with a variety of methods including in-text ads, PPC, pay per sale, and banner advertising. XML feeds offered, and ad filtering.
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