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Description: -- Contextual advertising for affiliate marketers, offering some of the highest revenue share around -- 70%.

Uses your online content to lead customers to advertisers of big brands. CPC income. Plugins to turn your text into ads. Works on Blogger, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal. Analyzes user trends as they interact with ads.

To join and qualify, your site must:

be in English
be content-rich (over 50 words per page on most of site)
not be a domain parking page
have original content created by your site
not be under construction

Also, there must not be any:

illegal or trademark-infringing content
excessive profanity
hate, violence, racism
drugs or drug paraphernalia

Kontera's Content Categories have a broad range, from technology & computing, employment, forums & blogs, to gaming, women, health. A publisher can request greater or lesser link density by email. You can also control color of keywords, and block sections of your site using Filter Tags, so ads don't appear in places such as titles, navigation bars, headers and footers -- or where you don't want them.

Summary:Kontera Contextual Advertising Affiliate Program earns webmasters some of the highest PPC income for publishers by employing easy plugins to deliver in-text ads unobtrusively within your original content. Pay-per-click income for content-rich sites.
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