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In-text advertising for those seeking affiliate income, with the familiar underlined words which trigger ads for products/services which are relevant to your site. Supports blog software including Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, Wordpress.

Boasts 70% revenue share per click and a great click-through rate. No minimum site views, which is great for those just getting a website off the ground. You can customize the ads as far as frequency or density of ads shown and some elements of display, like color.
Ads are matched to your site in real time, so always updated for relevancy. Edit your site, and the ad matching and bidding is also updated automatically.

Summary:InfoLinks in-text ads program pays affiliate marketers highest PPC income in the business - 70% share per click. Real-time keyword bidding and ad matching to your site to keep the ads always relevant. For big or little sites.
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