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Looking for PPC income? AdManage displays ads on your sites with In text ads with thumbnails, CPC Banner ads, sponsored listings, interstitials, and domain parking. Bloggers and website owners alike invited to join. XML feeds too.

CPC banners: when creating your campaign, you can edit the borders and background color of an ad, then choose your keywords, list the sites you want to have banner appear, and -- if you also display ads from other ad networks in the same space, you can integrate them better by adding the code here, helping ensure no blank spaces appear on your site.
Says they pay "60/40 revshare for every 1,000 impressions served." Which is odd, since the Affiliate Terms of Service says they'll pay 50% of the CPC bid the advertiser made, which may be different. This needs to be clarified with an email to them.

Display Banners: 5 sizes, skyscraper, horizontals, or rectangles. "60/40 revshare for each unique full-page ad view."

In-Text ads: earn "60/40 revshare" for each ad clicked.

Interstitials: These are ads that appear when you visit a website, and they cover part of the page. You get option to look at it or Skip This Ad. Pays "60/40 revshare for each unique full page ad view."

Webmaster Referral: Earn 5% of your referred affiliates' revenue.

In the Affiliate Terms, you agree to an audit of your records. If they find click discrepancies of over 5% you agree to pay the cost of the audit. Ouch! Not this again; it's a little daunting to a small publisher or blogger. Suppose something goes wrong with their accounting system while you did nothing wrong or fraudulent? I'd like to know what records an affiliate needs to show them in such an audit.

Summary:The AdManage network offers a variety of ways for publishers to earn PPC income, via in text ads, banner ads, interstitials and more. Competitive commission revshare.
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